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Blockchain technology and IOT

Blockchain development beyond the hype:
Decentralized Blockchain applications and dApps for tomorrow’s business success.

As a sparring partner, we support you in illuminating the opportunities for the successful use of blockchain in your company.

Blockchain technology with individual added value

Blockchains and decentralized applications are among the biggest technical revolutions since the invention of the Internet. Yet cryptocurrencies and NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are just two prominent niches for the application of this fascinating technology. With us, you can be sure that we understand the blockchain and its added value so that you can benefit from it to the maximum. Moreover, we have already successfully implemented specific projects on several smart contract platforms.

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Future technology considered individually

It is part of the must-have repertoire of every technology manager to deal today with the technologies of tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. However, the focus must never be lost on what a potentially revolutionary technology can actually do for your own company. As a sparring partner, tour guide and tipster, we support you in shedding light on this question in the context of your individual company. Our service promise is to provide a realistic and honest assessment.

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Success with dApps

The term dApps refers to decentralized apps that, unlike conventional apps, are not operated, maintained or further developed by a single provider. In addition, there are four other characteristics:

dApps are blockchain-based applications

dApps always have an open-source character

Some dApps, especially in the area of cryptocurrencies, have their own blockchain

Other dApps are based on an existing blockchain or application

Due to their numerous possible uses, dApps have few disadvantages. On the contrary, decentralized applications support community-based implementation of projects. In this context, they address complex issues with comparatively simple means. They are open source, democratic, and not owned by individuals or companies. This means that everyone involved in a dApp has a stake and therefore an interest in the application being successful.

Learn more about the advantages of dApps in a personal conversation with one of our experts.

Experience that protects against errors

We have already made numerous experiences with dApps on the Etherium and Polygon platforms. Therefore, blockchain development is not hype for us, but everyday life. We know what the individual technologies can do in individual cases and where their strengths and weaknesses lie. This know-how protects you and also our partners from sensitive bad investments in potentially not mature technology stacks. At the same time, you do not have to fear losing out due to exaggerated caution against wrong decisions.

Blockchain development, decentralized application development, and dApps have already moved many organizations forward. With us, yours can be the next. Learn more!

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