How Blockchain Technology is becoming a catalyst for sustainable business

In recent years, Blockchain Technology has established itself as one of the most important innovations in the digital world. Originally developed for the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, it has now found use cases beyond the financial world. One of these use cases relates to creating transparency in supply chains and promoting environmental and social standards. In this blog post, we will therefore take a closer look at the potential impact of Blockchain Technology on sustainable business.


Unmistakable: How Blockchain Technology ensures the authenticity of artworks

Blockchain Technology has attracted a lot of attention in recent years, mostly because of its role in cryptocurrencies. However, blockchain also has the potential to revolutionize other industries, including the art world. In this blog post, we will explore how Blockchain Technology can be used in the art market to solve problems such as counterfeiting and theft.


What are the benefits of Blockchain for the energy industry?

Blockchain technology has the potential to greatly transform the energy sector. For example, the enterprise Ethereum Blockchain presents itself as an emerging technology that will drive growth in the energy sector through smart contracts and interoperability of systems. In our blog post, we therefore highlight what selected use cases for the energy market might look like. 


The Blockchain is more than just crypto!

The first and most commonly known application for Blockchain Technology is in cryptocurrencies. For example, the underlying software for Bitcoin was developed in 2008 against the backdrop of the financial crisis. The skeptical view of institutional intermediaries created the basis for the open-source principle of this type of Blockchain, as the transaction register should no longer require a central authority. After more than 13 years, crypto has been declared dead no fewer than 461 times. This year, not least because the price has plummeted from $50,000 to around $20,000. But just as Blockchain's only application is not in cryptocurrencies, this use case has only reached the end of its road due to price fluctuations. We therefore highlight some further opportunities for the technology here.


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