The road to the future: AI in traffic management 

Rapid urbanisation and increasing mobility needs mean that urban transport is at a turning point. The integration of AI into existing transport systems increases the efficiency and performance of these systems without having to replace them completely. This allows cities to stay at the cutting edge of technology while optimising existing infrastructures.


From chatbots to speech recognition: AI as a game changer in customer service

In our fast-paced and digitally connected world, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is playing an increasingly important role in customer service. From automated chatbots to sophisticated speech recognition systems, AI technologies are revolutionizing the way companies interact with their customers. In this blog post, we therefore take a look at current trends, successful application examples, challenges and future developments in the field of AI in customer service.


How Blockchain Technology is becoming a catalyst for sustainable business

In recent years, Blockchain Technology has established itself as one of the most important innovations in the digital world. Originally developed for the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, it has now found use cases beyond the financial world. One of these use cases relates to creating transparency in supply chains and promoting environmental and social standards. In this blog post, we will therefore take a closer look at the potential impact of Blockchain Technology on sustainable business.


AI systems as a tool for combating climate change

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time. Not only politicians and governments, but also companies and private individuals are called upon to do their part. This is where artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) come into play. In our article, we explain which application scenarios there are for AI in climate protection and what advantages result from them.


Transparency in AI – How decisions can be influenced

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become an important tool in many fields in recent years, from medicine to business to industry. However, AI systems also have their limitations. One of the biggest challenges in their use is explaining the decisions these systems make. For example, it is a legal requirement that financial institutions disclose how AI-based lending decisions were made and the criteria used to approve or reject loans. In this article, we will therefore take a closer look at how AIs make decisions and how they can be influenced or guided, if necessary.


Unmistakable: How Blockchain Technology ensures the authenticity of artworks

Blockchain Technology has attracted a lot of attention in recent years, mostly because of its role in cryptocurrencies. However, blockchain also has the potential to revolutionize other industries, including the art world. In this blog post, we will explore how Blockchain Technology can be used in the art market to solve problems such as counterfeiting and theft.


Big Data is electrifying the energy industry – How data analytics is transforming an entire market

Data has always played an important role in the energy industry. But with digital transformation and the increased emergence of Internet-of-Things (IoT) technologies, the amount of data has grown exponentially. This has led to a paradigm shift in the market, with Big Data analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) playing a central role. In this post, you will learn how the transformative power of Big Data is showing up in the energy sector.


What are the benefits of Blockchain for the energy industry?

Blockchain technology has the potential to greatly transform the energy sector. For example, the enterprise Ethereum Blockchain presents itself as an emerging technology that will drive growth in the energy sector through smart contracts and interoperability of systems. In our blog post, we therefore highlight what selected use cases for the energy market might look like. 


How Machine Learning improves the use of CRMs

Machine learning is used to optimize the use of CRM solutions. Because even if you think you already have the best software in place that meets top data quality, Machine Learning can be a game changer for you. We'll explain how it works in this post.


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