The importance of Artificial Intelligence for creativity and innovation

In our last blog post, we looked at the extent to which Artificial Intelligence can be used to create content for election campaigns. But are these results really creative or can AI produce real innovations at all? The following blog post examines the capabilities of AI in the field of creativity, identifies its limitations and shows how it can support humans in creative processes.


How to get off to a good start with Runway 

In the last two blog posts, we explained how Chat GPT can help users to create texts and how Dall-e can help them to generate attractive images. However, innovative content also relies heavily on moving images. In this context, Runway is a great help. This article will therefore guide you through the fascinating functions of Runway and show you how you can use this innovative technology for your creative projects.


Get the picture! How you can use Dall-e effectively

In the last article "Unleash the power of words with ChatGPT!", we provided a detailed picture of how AI tools can support you in creating a wide variety of text types. It turned out that ChatGPT, for example, is less suitable for generating ready-to-use content directly, but rather acts as a co-pilot that guides the author to the best possible result. But what are the most informative texts without supporting and appealing illustrations? There are now solutions for this too, which quickly produce convincing results. In the world of creativity and design, AI tools such as Dall-e are having a remarkable impact. The platform offers incredible opportunities for creatives, but using it effectively requires understanding and practice. In this post, we'll look at the specific features, uses, tips and tricks for using Dall-e successfully.


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